What is your pricing structure for custom work?

At Hurst Concepts, we function on a "Cost Plus" model, and pricing is based on our best estimate of what will be required to complete any job. We try to be as conservative as possible, and will charge the actual cost for the work completed.  For transparency, we have a 20% markup on subcontractors and other reimbursable expenses such as materials. We then charge our labor rates for hours worked to complete customer projects.

What if I want an exact number up front for my project?

The short answer is, no we can't do that. We want to be as fair to our customers as possible! We found that full quotes for work require us to mitigate gambling when trying to predict the future by adding a margin of up to 10 to 15 percent!

We prefer to charge our clients only for the accurate amount of labor and materials required for the job.  Since so much of the work we do is on the fly full custom, it tends to lead to more unpredictability. Over the years, we have found that this is the most fair model for us and for our clients.

How fast can I get an estimate for my project?

It depends on your project! No matter how complex it is though, know that within one day of an inquiry we are evaluating the cost by reaching out to suppliers and calculating our expected labor hours to completion. 

If I want to build something that matches my existing furniture or cabinetry, is that something that you are able to do?

We are happy to do that! With a sample, we can match any finish or cabinet door trim detail. 

Do I have to have a fully fledged design before approaching you with a new project idea?

Not at all! It is true that if you have more specific details about your project, we are able to be more efficient on delivering an estimate. But our team is able to work with you to collect those details and bring what you are imagining to life. 



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